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My face was chemically burned and peeling from a product I'd tried that was too harsh for my skin. I started using Bath and Beauty's Aloe Beauty Bar, the calendula serum and calendula toner. After a few days of use my skin started feeling better and after a week I saw visible improvement.


Her bar soaps are the bomb! I no longer use shaving cream!!! Me and my son get razor bumps really bad, a friend told us about the soap and how it helped her husband skin with his rash so we took a chance and bought a few bars. Our skin is smooth, soft and free from razor bumps.


I had stretch marks on the back of my legs and upper part of my arms and shoulders. I started putting on her body butter after I got out the shower. I didn't notice it at first but then my friend told me something she had was gone from using the product and thats when I noticed my stretch marks faded .


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